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Techniques, tools, and representations for solving design problems considering anthropometry

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Garneau, C. (2012). Ph.D. dissertation.

The quality of available education, solution techniques, and tools for designers considering user body size in the development of products and environments varies widely. The objective of this work is to investigate the current state of affairs in these areas, propose new or improved methods and tools where appropriate, and evaluate these tools. Continue reading…

Optimization of product dimensions for discrete sizing applied to a tool handle

In Publications

Garneau, C. J. and Parkinson, M. B. (2012). International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics 42(1): 56-64.

The allocation of adjustability and use of discrete sizes are two methods of accounting for the variability in the population of prospective users of a product. This paper addresses the discrete sizing problem, adapting recent adjustability research. This is done in the context of the optimization of tool handle sizes, and a case study of designing multiple sizes of a nonuniform cylindrical tool handle is presented. Continue reading…

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