Open Design Lab Web Tools

The Design Tools at the Open Design Lab are web apps for Designing for Human Variability. They offer particular value for engineering students looking for general quantitative guidance on considering the space requirements of users of products or environments.   There are currently four tools available, with more in the works:

  • Multivariate Accommodation Calculator: This calculator uses databases of anthropometry to permit users to visualize the data and determine appropriate ranges for any combination of individual measures to reach some target level of overall population accommodation.
  • Data Explorer: This calculator allows the user to explore various measures and download anthropometric data. A histogram of the measures is also provided. Several databases (e.g., ANSUR, NHANES) underly the results.
  • Manikin Fetcher: This calculator allows for the exploration and download of human figure “manikins”, given several sources of anthropometric data.
  • Proportionality Constants Calculator: Proportionality constants describe the average ratio of a given body segment length to stature. This calculator permits the user to enter a value for stature and visualize a selected segment lengths calculated using the proportionality constants.

These web tools were developed using the jQuery and jQueryMobile frameworks.

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